Hey y'all! I am so thrilled to be your math teacher this semester! Get to know a little bit about me:
    • I was born in Greensboro, NC, but I have lived in Atlanta, GA and Tallahassee, FL before moving to Raleigh, NC in 2001
    • I am a graduate of Wakefield High School and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    • I have played the alto saxophone since 6th grade and tennis since high school.
    • I absolutely love college sports! Football season is by far my favorite season of the year (although I get really into March Madness too)
    • I am a big lover of music, especially boy bands, i.e. Hanson, BSB, NSYNC, & One Direction
    • I have a slight obsession with TOMS. I own about 50 pairs.
    • I play trivia with my sister and friends at least once a week.
    • I love everything about the Olympics since my parents took me to the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996.
    • I know almost every world flag
    • I work part-time at Southern Sugar Bakery in Raleigh
    • I LOVE to travel. I take students abroad every summer!

Movin’ Along!

Students and Parents,

We are doing great things at Heritage High!

In Foundations of Geometry this week we finished up the first part of Unit 2 and took a test today.  We focused mainly on rotations this week, including 90 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise, as well as 180 degree rotations.  Your students learned all about the tricks to remember how to transform coordinates all over the coordinate plane.  Next week, we will begin the second part of Unit 2, which focuses mainly on angles and angle pair relationships.  We will also be doing an in class project on Wednesday where your students will become City Planners and create their own city!

In Pre-Calculus this week, we finished up Unit 2 on Polynomial Functions and took a test on Wednesday.  Anyone wishing to retake this test will have until next Thursday (Oct. 3) to do so.  Remember, you must remediate with me first.  Today we began Unit 3, Exponential and Logistic Functions.  This unit is rather short, so we should be able to test next Friday.  Logo Projects are due on Tuesday, Oct. 1 (this is a change from Monday Sept. 30).  Students will also be introduced to a new project about Newton’s Law of Cooling!  This will be due Monday, Oct. 7.

Have a wonderful weekend and make sure to come out to the football game today!  GO HUSKIES!!!


Ms. Wnistead

Busy, Busy, Busy

Students and Parents,

We are workin’ up a storm here at Heritage High!!

In Foundations of Geometry this week, we wrapped up Unit 1 with a test on Monday.  Anyone wishing to re-take the test must remediate/re-take by Tuesday of this coming week.  On Tuesday we began Unit 2A, transformations.  We started with translations and then moved in to transformations.  Your students know how to write transformations in transformation notation, which looks like this: (x, y) –> (x +4, y – 2).  Then we moved to reflections.  We have learned how to reflect over 6 types of lines: the x axis, the y axis, the line y = x, the line y = -x, the line where y = # and the line where x = #.  All 6 types are reflections are special and unique in their own way.  We will have a quiz on translations and reflections on Monday.  Next week, we will begin rotations and we will wrap up Unit 2A on Friday with a test.

In Pre-Calculus this week, we continued to work on Unit 2, polynomials and their graphs.  We took a quiz on Wednesday and anyone who wishes to re-take this quiz must remediate/re-take by Thursday of this coming week.  We finished the week by learning about how to determine what the graph of a polynomial function looks like without graphing it on a calculator.  Next week, we will wrap up Unit 2 and take a test on Wednesday.  Rough Drafts of the logo project were due today and they look great!  Remember, the final draft, along with all of the mathematical computations is due Monday, September 30.

Next Friday is an Early Release day!  Have a great weekend!


Ms. Winstead

Another great week!

Students and Parents,

After the nice short week last week, we’re finally getting into the groove of getting back to school and back to work!  Both classes worked very hard this week, and I am pleased so far with their progress.

In Foundations of Geometry this week, we finished up Unit 1.  We learned about angles mostly, including their structure, how to name them, and all the different types of angle pairs.  These include: congruent angles, adjacent angles, complementary angles, supplementary angles, linear pairs, and vertical angles.  Some of these pairs add up to 90 degrees, some add up to 180 degrees, and some are equal.  Your students should know which ones are which!  We reviewed for the Unit 1 test today in class.  I will give the Unit 1 Test on Monday.

In Pre-Calculus this week, we finished up Unit 1 and took a test on Tuesday.  The class average was an 81% and several students were able to replace their quiz grades from last week with their higher test grade!  Remember, students can still re-take the Unit 1 test (they have until Wednesday, Sept. 18 to do so).  On Wednesday, we began Unit 2, which is all about polynomials!  In addition to beginning Unit 2, Mrs. Fehling and I presented our students with their first project: a logo design.  We were able to bring in 4 clients who all have businesses/projects that need logos.  First we brought in a graphic designer from the WF area to teach the students about how to use PhotoShop.  Then the students heard from the 4 clients: BikeSmart-GrowSmart, The Walking School Bus, Parler Properties Real Estate, and MetLife Insurance.  Each student should choose a client and create a logo that they think would best fit the client and his/her needs.  The first draft of this logo is due FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20.  This can be on paper or on PhotoShop.

I hope that everyone has a safe weekend!  Hope to see you at the Heritage High football game tonight!!! GO HUSKIES!

-Ms. Winstead-

We’re off and running!

Students and Parents,

I am so proud of how both my Foundations of Geometry and and Honors Pre-Calculus students did these past 2 weeks!  I can tell already that this year is going to rock!

In Foundations of Geometry, we are beginning the semester by working on the tools of Geometry.  These include the three undefined terms: points, lines, and planes.  Your students learned how to identify all three and list real-world examples of each.  We also began learning about midpoints and bisectors.  Lastly, we finished the week by discussing the Pythagorean Theorem and Tangrams.  Every student created a tangram in class!  A tangram is a grouping of geometric shapes that when put together correctly can mae a perfect square or various images like cats, bunnies, boats, etc.  Ask them about it and maybe you can try to make different pictures!  We took our first quiz on Thursday and we will have our first test on Monday, September 16.

In Pre Calculus, we began the semester by learning about the 12 basic functions and how to describe specific characterists of each, including the domain, range, continuity, symmetry, boundedness, max/min, asymptotes, and end behavior.  We took out first quiz on Tuesday.  The class average was a little low, but all students have the opportunity to replace this quiz grade with their test grade, which will be taken on Tuesday of this coming week.  Next week, after the test, we will begin modeling with polynomial functions.  Students will learn about direct and indirect relations as well as polynomials with large degrees.

Thank you for all the support you have provided your students through the first 2 weeks, and please let me know if you have any questions.  My after school help sessions are on Tuesdays, but with advance notice, I can stay other days as well.  Husky Help begins on September 16, which will be a built-in remediation time for students who need extra help.

Meet the Teacher Night is Tuesday, September 10 at 6:30.  I look forward to meeting several of you on this night.  Thanks for your continued support!


Ms. Winstead

Welcome to Heritage High’s 2013-2014 School Year!

Welcome!  I am Ms. Winstead and this semester I will be teaching Foundations of Common Core II and Honors Pre-Calculus.  I am so excited to begin this semester and meet all of my new students!  This site is set up for parents and students to keep up with all that we will be learning this semester.  I will update my blog every Friday with a summary of what we learned that week, as well as a preview of what we will be learning the following week (including any tests, quizzes, or projects that may be given).  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at lwinstead2@wcpss.net and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Again, I am very excited to begin what I know will be a wonderful semester!

-Ms. Winstead-