[UPDATE Week of 9/28]

Students and Parents,

I hope that everyone had a wonderful week!

In Foundations of Math II this week, we began Unit 3, which focuses on exponential functions.  Previously, we have studied quadratic functions, so we are moving on from those and beginning exponential functions.  Specifically, we have talked about monomial rules, radicals, and fractional exponents.  We took a quiz on Wednesday and the students received their grades today.  Next week, we will begin to construct exponential functions and apply them to real world situations.  We will have a test on Friday of next week.

In Pre-Calculus this week, we continued Unit 3 by learning about logs, natural logs, and their properties.  We also began learning about partial fractions.  We will continue to practice partial fractions on Monday as well.  On Wednesday of this week, the first checkpoint was due on the reference books.  Feedback was given back to the students today.  All of the changes that need to be made will be checked and graded again when the final product is due in December.  The next checkpoint is on November 2.  Students were also given their next project, the Universal Language Project.  We will select numbers for presentation order next week.  These presentations will begin on October 20.  Next week, we will take a quiz on 3.1-3.5 on Monday and take the Unit 3 Test on Friday.

Don’t forget that spirit week is next week!  Dress up according to the theme for the day.  Dress code will be enforced throughout the week, except for Wednesday, when hats are allowed for Team Day.

Have a wonderful, and hopefully dry, weekend!  Be safe!


Ms. Winstead