Another Great Week!

Students and Parents,

I think we’re finally getting into the swing of things!  Your students are really learning a lot and it’s showing on their assessments.

In Foundations of Math II this week, we began Unit 2, Transformations.  This week, in particular, we focused on Translations, Reflections, and Rotations.  Today, we took a quiz on Translations and Reflections.  Grades will be up ASAP.  Powerschool is down this weekend, so I will try to get them in before I leave today.  Next week, we will finish up rotations and begin dilations.  We will take a quiz on Rotations and Dilations on Wednesday.  The test for this unit will be on Tuesday, September 30.  Interims also went out today so please take a look at them, sign them, and return them to me on Monday.

In Honors Pre-Calculus this week, we continued Unit 2.  We took a quiz on 2.1 – 2.3 on Tuesday and finished up the unit today.  We will review on Monday and test on Tuesday.  the first Reference Book checkpoint will be on Wednesday, October 8.  Chapters A, B, and C should be completed at this time.  I have a few examples of projects from last year for students to view anytime to get them started.  A second project, the Univesral Language Project, will be due on either Friday, October 24, Monday October 27, or Tuesday, October 28, depending on your student’s presentation date.  All project information can be found on under the Pre-Calculus tab.

Remember that Thursday is a teacher workday, so no students should report to school on Thursday.  There WILL be school on Friday and I WILL be teaching in ALL classes.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Ms. Winstead