Happy Pi Day!

Students and Parents,

I hope everyone enjoyed the nice weather this this week!  Whew, it was much needed!

In Pre-Calculus this week, we began Unit 4, Trigonometry.  This unit is the most difficult so far because we are beginning to introduce topics that your students have never seen before.  We started with introducing 3 new trigonometric functions which are the reciprocals of the ones they know already (sine, cosine, and tangent).  We also introduced the unit circle.  This is something that your students need to memorize.  I have taught them multiple tricks to remember it, but knowing it will come in handy later on!  We took a quiz in Wednesday and we took a Unit Circle quiz today.  Next week, we will continue with Unit 4 and quiz on Thursday.  Our test for this unit will be on Tuesday, March 25.  Newton’s Law of Cooling projects are due on Wednesday, March 19 and Language presentations will begin on Wednesday, March 26.

In Common Core II this week, we finished up Unit 3, took a test, and began Unit 4, Exponents.  The test average was outstanding!  Lots of paws were on the wall, meaning lots of students earned an A!  On Wednesday, we started Unit 4.  Specifically, we learned about the rules of exponents both in monomials and in radicals.  Today we learned about exponents that are not whole numbers.  Next week, we will quiz on Monday and test on Friday.  Your students also turned in their Barn Art projects on Wednesday!  These were being used by the Heritage Swim and Tennis club close by the school.  The reps from the club came yesterday and chose several designs!  8 of them came from my class!  Congrats to everyone on such great work! 

Have a wonderful weekend!  GO HEELS and GO HUSKIES!

-Ms. Winstead-