Winter Olympics!

Students and Parents,

After these wonderful snow days, we are finally getting back into the groove of school!  As you may notice int he title of this post, I am thrilled that the Winter Olympics have started!  GO USA!!

In Pre-Calculus this week, we continuted Unit 1 and took a quiz on Tuesday.  They were returned to the students on Wednesday.  Remember, if you are not happy with this grade, the Unit 1 Test (on Tuesday) can replace this grade if it is higher!  On Monday of next week, we will review and then take the Unit 1 Test on Tuesday.  To end the week, we willbegin Unit 2.

In Common Core II this week, we finished up Unit 1 and took a test today.  Anyone who would like to retest will have the opportunity to do so as long as all homeworks are turned in and he/she remediates with me beforehand.  Remediation can happen before school, during lunch, during Husky Help, or after school.  We will begin Husky Help next week, so this is a great opportunity to remediate!  Next week, we will jump right on in to Unit 2!

Have a great weekend and GO USA!