‘Tis the Season

Students and Parents,

Coming back from Thanksgiving Break is always hard because you’re used to sleeping in for a few days and the holiday music is all around.  I’m so pleased with how all your students handeled coming back to school this week.  Everyone worked hard and I couldn’t have been more pleased.

In Foundations of Geometry this week, we continued where we left off before break.  We were working on solving quadratic equations, so on Monday we took that a step further and worked on how to solve exponential equations.  To do this, we applied several real-world situations that could be modeled exponentially.  Then we moved into Logs and Properties of Logs.  Your students have never seen logarithms before and I was so happy that they caught on quickly!  Lastly, we worked on solving equations with radicals (square roots).  We reviewed in class today and we will test on Monday.  On Tuesday, we will begin Unit 6A, Fred Functions.

In Pre-Calculus this week, we started Unit 7, Systems and Matrices.  Many students liked this unit because a lot of it was review from Algebra 2 (we just took a few things to the next level).  The newest piece of information was partial fractions.  They are very tedious and take lots of concentration so that you don’t make a mistake.  We finished up this week with systems of inequalities.  We will review on Monday and take a test on Tuesday.  Unit 8 is only 3 days long so we will review and take the Unit 8 test on the following Monday and Tuesday.

Have a wonderful weekend!  GO NOLES! Beat Duke!

-Ms Winstead-