Turkey Day!

Students and Parents,

We’ve finally entered the Holiday Season!  I know that families are doing a lot of traveling, but please make sure that your students are at school for the days leading up to a holiday.  We are still learning important information, and we don’t want your students to be left behind!

In Foundations of Geometry this week, we began Unit 5, Solving Equations.  We started with linear equations on Monday and moved into Quadratic Equations on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Your students learned a lot about linear equations last year in Common Core 1, so we are putting more emphasis on the Quadratic Equations.  We learned how to look at a graph or table and find the roots, how to find the roots by factoring, and how to find the roots that cannot be found with factoring by using the quadratic formula.  We took a quiz today and began a project that will be due on Tuesday.  This project is all about Angry Birds.  Each students is assigned a bird that has a certain flight path.  They are going to have to use their knowledge of quadratic functions to find their specific flight path to determine if their bird hit the pig.  Again, these projects are due on Tuesday.

In Pre-Calculus this week, we continued Unit 6, Applications in Trigonometry.  We learned about two different modes that your calcululator can be in: parametric and polar.  We learned how to convert between rectangular and parametric, vice versa, and between rectangular and polar, and vice versa.  We also learned about the different types of polar graphs and what we can change within the function to make them look slightly different.  We reviewed in class today and we will take the test on Monday.  On Tuesday, we will begin our last project.  All information on the project can be found under the PreCalculus tab.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Ms. Winstead