It’s Basketball Season!!!

Students and Parents,

November is here and that means one thing: Basketball season has begun!  Being a Carolina alum, basketball season is unlike any other, so here’s to looking forward to March Madness!

In Foundations of Geometry this week, we finished up Unti 4, Trigonometry.  This unit has been challenging because it covers material that your students have never seen before.  Specifically this week, we learned about the Law of Cosines, which helps find missing angle measures and missing side lengths of non-right triangles.  We took the unit test today.  Next week, we will begin Unit 5, Solving Equations.  I think this will be a unit that your students will succeed with!

In Pre-Calculus this week, your students turned in their sinusoidal functions project.  So far they look great!  I’ll have all of them graded by next week.  We started the week by finishing up Unit 5, Analytic Trigonometry.  This unit is by far the hardest one in Pre-Calculus, so I know that your students are happy that it’s over!  The test grades were not up to par with the previous tests, so I encourage your students to remediate with me and re-take the test.  They will have until next Friday to do so.  Yesterday, we began Unit 6, Applications with Trigonometry.  This unit begins with Vectors.  Next week, we will have a quiz on Wednesday and have a test on the following Monday.

If you are traveling to the playoff football game tonight, please drive safely!  I’ll see you there!  GO HUSKIES!!!


Ms. Winstead