We’re halfway done!

Students and parents,

Quarter 1 is officially over.  We completed midterm last week and we expect report cards to come out on Monday.  WCPSS has notified us that there might be a delay in giving out report cards, but so far, this is only for elementary schools.

In Foundations of Geometry this week, we began unit 4, Trigonometry.  This will be the most difficult unit so far so please encourage your students to stay after school if necessary.  Husky Help for this quarter will not start for another 2 weeks.  We began trigonometry with slope.  I reminded students how to find slope and then apply it to set up a proportion to find a missing side length.  Then we began to use the first of the three trigonometric ratios: tangent.  Tangent is essentially the same thing as slope.  Once the students had a grasp on tangent, I introduced the other two ratios: sine and cosine.  Next week, we will continue to practice using sine, cosine, and tangent to solve for missing side lengths and angle measures.  We will have a quiz on Sine, Cosine, and Tangent on Tuesday.

In Pre Calculus this week, we began Unit 5, Analytic Trigonometry.  The students learned about 14 new trig identities.  They took a quiz on these identities on Tuesday.  The reason for the quiz turn-around is that they need to know these identities by heart in order to learn about the next section, which is simplifying and proving trigonometric identities.  We will have a quiz on 5.1 and 5.2 on Tuesday of next week.  Your students also have a project that they should be working on that is due on Tuesday, November 12.  We will be able to work on this after the quiz on Tuesday, November 5.

Have a wonderful weekend!  GO HUSKIES and GO HEELS!!!!!!!


Ms. Winstead