Happy October!

Students and Parents,

I’m so thrilled that Fall is finally here!  Pumpkin Spice Lattes, cool, crisp air, and Friday Night Football are 3 of my favorite things and to enjoy them all at once is wonderful!

In Foundations of Geometry this week, we started and finished up Unit 2B, Parallel Lines and Transversals.  Your students learned about the different types of angle pairs that are formed when 2 lines are intersected by a transversal.  They also learned about which pairs of angles are congruent and which pairs and angles are supplementary when the transversal intersects 2 lines that are parallel.  On Tuesday, we started a City Project.  Your students got to choose a city anywhere in the world and design a city.  They had to research different stores/restaurants in their city and use the different types of angle pairs to put them in the right locations.  So far they look great!  Today, we finished up the unit with a test.  Next week, we will begin Unit 3, Similarity and Congruence.

In Pre Calculus this week, we finished up Unit 3.  This unit was mainly review from Algebra 2.  We reviewed exponential and logarithmic functions.  This also included logs and natural logs.  On Tuesday, the logo projects were due and they turned out fantastic!  Next Wednesday, October 9, we will have a gallery walk during Husky Help where we will invite the clients back to Heritage to check out all of the hard work that our students have put forth to create their logos.  Let’s hope a few of them are chosen!!!  We finished up the 3rd unit with a test today.  On Monday we will begin Unit 4, Trigonometry!  Trig is one of my favorite topics in math so I’m excited to get started!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Ms. Winstead