Movin’ Along!

Students and Parents,

We are doing great things at Heritage High!

In Foundations of Geometry this week we finished up the first part of Unit 2 and took a test today.  We focused mainly on rotations this week, including 90 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise, as well as 180 degree rotations.  Your students learned all about the tricks to remember how to transform coordinates all over the coordinate plane.  Next week, we will begin the second part of Unit 2, which focuses mainly on angles and angle pair relationships.  We will also be doing an in class project on Wednesday where your students will become City Planners and create their own city!

In Pre-Calculus this week, we finished up Unit 2 on Polynomial Functions and took a test on Wednesday.  Anyone wishing to retake this test will have until next Thursday (Oct. 3) to do so.  Remember, you must remediate with me first.  Today we began Unit 3, Exponential and Logistic Functions.  This unit is rather short, so we should be able to test next Friday.  Logo Projects are due on Tuesday, Oct. 1 (this is a change from Monday Sept. 30).  Students will also be introduced to a new project about Newton’s Law of Cooling!  This will be due Monday, Oct. 7.

Have a wonderful weekend and make sure to come out to the football game today!  GO HUSKIES!!!


Ms. Wnistead