Busy, Busy, Busy

Students and Parents,

We are workin’ up a storm here at Heritage High!!

In Foundations of Geometry this week, we wrapped up Unit 1 with a test on Monday.  Anyone wishing to re-take the test must remediate/re-take by Tuesday of this coming week.  On Tuesday we began Unit 2A, transformations.  We started with translations and then moved in to transformations.  Your students know how to write transformations in transformation notation, which looks like this: (x, y) –> (x +4, y – 2).  Then we moved to reflections.  We have learned how to reflect over 6 types of lines: the x axis, the y axis, the line y = x, the line y = -x, the line where y = # and the line where x = #.  All 6 types are reflections are special and unique in their own way.  We will have a quiz on translations and reflections on Monday.  Next week, we will begin rotations and we will wrap up Unit 2A on Friday with a test.

In Pre-Calculus this week, we continued to work on Unit 2, polynomials and their graphs.  We took a quiz on Wednesday and anyone who wishes to re-take this quiz must remediate/re-take by Thursday of this coming week.  We finished the week by learning about how to determine what the graph of a polynomial function looks like without graphing it on a calculator.  Next week, we will wrap up Unit 2 and take a test on Wednesday.  Rough Drafts of the logo project were due today and they look great!  Remember, the final draft, along with all of the mathematical computations is due Monday, September 30.

Next Friday is an Early Release day!  Have a great weekend!


Ms. Winstead