Hey y'all! I am so thrilled to be your math teacher this semester! Get to know a little bit about me:
    • I was born in Greensboro, NC, but I have lived in Atlanta, GA and Tallahassee, FL before moving to Raleigh, NC in 2001
    • I am a graduate of Wakefield High School and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    • I have played the alto saxophone since 6th grade and tennis since high school.
    • I absolutely love college sports! Football season is by far my favorite season of the year (although I get really into March Madness too)
    • I am a big lover of music, especially boy bands, i.e. Hanson, BSB, NSYNC, & One Direction
    • I have a slight obsession with TOMS. I own about 50 pairs.
    • I play trivia with my sister and friends at least once a week.
    • I love everything about the Olympics since my parents took me to the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996.
    • I know almost every world flag
    • I work part-time at Southern Sugar Bakery in Raleigh
    • I LOVE to travel. I take students abroad every summer!


Pre Calc:

  2. Review Limits Monday, Test Tuesday
  3. Final Exam Review Wednesday and Thursday.

Math 2:

  1. Finish probability on Monday. We will not give a test this unit.
  2. Final Exam Review Tuesday-Thursday.